Monday, April 1, 2013

Well played little kid... well played

Today I drove to school, and upon walking around to grab something from my trunk, I noticed that someone had shot my car with a Nerf dart.

The funny thing is that the dart was on my back bumper... and my car is always parked on the side of a road in my complex, lined up in front of other cars.

So, I'm pretty sure this kid was a ninja. Who else could shoot a dart at a car, less than 2 feet above the ground at a short range? Maybe a sniper... a ninja sniper.

I just regret not taking a picture of it right away. Perhaps the ninja will not come back to collect his or her ammunition and I can get a good picture of it when I go back to my car tonight.

So I just have to say, well played ninja kid... well played. I will be on guard for the next sneak attack. Which actually won't be easy unless I stage a steak-out in front of my car. It wouldn't be the first time I've hiked around the bushes in my townhouse complex and it won't be the last.

I'm just wondering what me or baby-grey (my car) did to upset anyone. Regardless, the first dart was shot and thus, war is declared. Perhaps I should go to Target and pick up my own Nerf gun and just start shooting at every kid around my neighbourhood. I'll dress in camouflage, do ninja rolls in the street; I'll practice my shooting skills (which I'm pretty sure are amazing...). And when the time comes and I manhunt that little ninja I will laugh victoriously in his or her face, and possibly bust out the Super Soaker.

It's just too bad that I bruise like a peach. I'll have to get the Traumeel ready.