Thursday, April 4, 2013

Haunting False Alarm

Do you ever have a moment where you think there is paranormal activity going on and then you realize that it was just a false alarm?

My sister is one of those people that has had many "ghostly encounters". Where the circumstances cannot be explained by ANYTHING except that of something spiritual or ghostly. So with all the stuff that's happened to her, I tend to take these matters fairly seriously.

I myself have had a few questionable moments... once I woke up and I could hear someone or something tapping on my pillow. You know that sound when your ear is flat against the pillow and the sound is a dull tapping? Another time I was up north and in the middle of the night I swear I could feel something or someone rolling over next to me and get out of the bed; but when I looked over, there was no one there. Talk about creepy...

Maybe I ghost-dream. Maybe not. Either way, I'm easily startled and scared and today I had a false alarm of such events.

Have you ever opened up a video clip in a new tab of your browser, but not actually clicked on that tab yet? And then the clip automatically starts playing? And your desk speakers have been on the whole time, and all of a sudden you hear a light sound coming from those speakers and you think your speakers are haunted?

You can start laughing, but that was seriously my first thought. 

Yup, I thought I was victim of haunted-speaker syndrome, but thankfully it was a false alarm. Scared the shit out of me though. It was the faintest sound... like someone softly howling (is that even possible?) or whispering. So I put my ears very close to the speakers to see if I was just imagining things, and as the sound got louder, I realized that the video clip had already started playing and I had scared myself for no good reason.

Note to self: beware of the self-provoking heart attack. My poor adrenal glands...