Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Procrastinating by learning

So exams are underway and I must apologize for neglecting my blog for the past few days, but a student's gotta study... otherwise she'll get kicked out of med school.

I don't spend every single moment studying, I do require breaks, and food and laughs. It's the only way to stay sane and make sure my brain doesn't spontaneous explode like a smoke bomb.

But I also realize that I have to spend that study-break time wisely, and so I turn to YouTube. I learn so much on YouTube. Granted some days I'll goof around and watch Jon Lajoie videos and stand-up comedy, but mostly I love documentaries. I'll share my favourites with you and hope that you will explore these channels while I continue to spend more time studying and less time blogging over the next 2 weeks.

Second runner up for most informative comic about an unpopular animal goes to: The Oatmeal for his comic on the Mantis Shrimp. He includes two YouTube videos and links to an ABC news story that I had to read to realize that this crazy thing does exist, and is a huge problem. It is the rainbow ninja of the shrimp world. Spoiler alert: watch a shrimp decapitate a crab... ridiculous!

Runner up for best documentary/learning experience while procrastinating: True Facts by zefrank1. Seriously, click on the link. His comedic documentaries have me laughing hysterically. My favourite is the Tarsier but other videos with honorable mentions are Sloths, the Echidna and the Angler Fish.
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And first place winner for the YouTube video channel that is teaching me so much about the world is: C.G.P. Grey. Seriously, I now know the difference between Holland and the Netherlands, and the difference between the UK, England, and Great Britain and that there are TWO sections to Ireland that are COMPLETELY different and then there's this whole "The Crown" thing which I knew existed because I'm Canadian and we are tied to the Brits and the Queen ... and they're on our money.

He teaches you about the world in 5 minutes and does it with easy to follow pictures and diagrams. This is how world news should be taught!

Most recently, Grey has taught me about the US electoral system and I have never been so confused about humans than after understanding how Americans vote for a president. It seriously makes no sense. And the whole tie-breaker thing? That's just crazy!

Next, I think I want to learn about the Vatican City and the Pope. I mean, Robert Landgon has taught me a lot, but Grey is a real teacher (not a fictional Harvard professor) and he's brilliant.

Okay, back to the books! In the meantime, I've put all the links in this post, so go learn all about The Tarsier and watch videos of the Mantis Shrimp... it'll blow your mind!