Sunday, April 7, 2013

I never thought I'd be upset about losing weight...

This week I had to try on my Maid of Honor dress for my sister's wedding. I was excited yet a little uneasy at the same time. I mean, you want to fit into your dress the first time - sans alterations.

I have to admit I was pretty upset when I tried on the dress and realized it was like 6 sizes too big for me. I mean, the dress is beautiful, but without it fitting properly, my mood had seriously declined... especially since alterations would cost another $60 on top of the already frightening price of the dress.

In all honesty, I've bought beautiful formal/party dresses from Forever 21 for $35, so spending more than $150 on a dress feels like I'm being stabbed and gutted.

So how did this happen?! I mean, it's been 2 months and I've shrunk that much? I should have seen it coming.. I wore a size 2 dress from David's Bridal for our school's formal, so I should have said something when the lady at the dress shop ordered me a size 10 for this wedding.

The truth is that there is no "herbal magic" or miracle weight loss drug. It's not even stress-induced weight loss. Shocking! I know! It was simple diet and exercise. I'm very lucky to not have any underlying medical conditions that affect my metabolism or make it difficult to loose the weight naturally. But don't hate me yet - this has been a huge struggle all my life.

I've always had a gut, ever since I was a little kid. It has stayed with me all my life and I never thought I would be able to change. In undergrad I worked out all the time, I tried eating healthy, I made almost all of my own meals. I ate my Special K with skim milk every single morning, and yet although I was in good cardio shape, I still couldn't see the changes in my body fast enough.

So what was the secret for me? I think the best thing that I've done was go gluten-free, dairy-free; I also eliminate (to the best that I can) soy, corn, refined white sugar, nitrates, nitrites, food additives/preservatives, food colouring, and non-organic meat or corn-fed beef. Again, it's not ALWAYS possible. I try to stay 70% paleo, with the other 30% being rice. I can't help my sushi addiction or get rid of my brown rice toast in the morning. I mean, a girl's gotta eat! And if I go long periods of time without eating I'm the grumpiest grumpy-pants ever! In my family we call it "Kingitis" (since our last name is King). We're all very good at diagnosing it. As soon as one of us gets snappy at the others, we order them to go eat something otherwise they are banished from our presence. 

But diet alone didn't change everything. I have to workout 4-5 times per week, doing an hour of my weight aerobics (strength training with tiny intervals of cardio). I say "I have to" because I'm addicted to working out. I get really antsy if I miss working out for more than 2-3 days in a row.

So really, I blame the combination of diet and exercise on my latest weight loss. It's funny that this is truly what can make you get into shape but everyone wants an easier answer. Never waste your time on diet fads or products that claim to be a "weight-loss miracle". If you don't have any medical condition that prevents you from it, diet and exercise truly can change your body. It takes time and dedication. Like I said, I've been fighting my belly my entire life, so I understand the frustration. But when you start to see results, it makes it all worth it. Every time someone goes out for takeout or fast food and you can't order anything... it's depressing. But in the end, it's actually a blessing. Yes, you can't have that fast and easy meal, but you can make better things. More delicious things! Things that your body will take and love you for.

My goal is to keep my body in shape for our vacation in May. To show my dedication, I'll post my before and after beach body (the before shot being a vacation pic from 2008).

Where there is will-power, there is a way :)