Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hockey ... I've turned to the dark side

You know that saying "If you can't beat 'em, join em"? I've had to do it.

It's a shortened hockey season and yet I feel like it's been around FOREVER. The world is like non-stop hockey talk. Trade deadlines, Syndey Crosby breaking his jaw or whatever, teams trying to squeeze in a playoff spot. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?!

So I had enough.

I've watched and studied all 4 seasons of FX's The League, and I was pretty sure that I could turn this into some kind of a game. So when my boyfriend set up a fantasy hockey league for our school I thought, maybe I could make this fun! I'll make a team, and we'll have a team name, and then I'll have someone to cheer for when there's a game on!

It seemed like a semi-brilliant idea. So I signed up, made my team name and started to sift through the bazillion players who had the potential to be drafted to my team (even though we don't play with a draft... we play with a player budget...). I only take players that are hot (points wise, not physical appearance wise).

They get extra points for being Canadian, extra points for being between the ages of 24-30 (because I figure this is prime hockey-playing age), extra points for NOT being injured, extra points for having a really cool name (or one that I can't pronounce so I get to make up a new pronunciation), and extra points for having lots of ice-time per game. It's a fairly good system.

Image from: hockeyjournal.com
So for only $10 I'm going to make myself not hate hockey so much. And yes, after setting my lineup I did ask "Aren't you proud of me?!" Seriously, this is huge. I've never spent so much time on TSN.ca in my LIFE.

Dougie Hamilton -->
Canadian? Check. He's a young spring chicken but he looks like Jesse from Breaking Bad... so that gets extra points. Congratulations Dougie (which I originally thought was pronounced "Doogie"), you've made my team!