Monday, April 29, 2013

Fragile XX Syndrome

Yesterday I made a comment, telling my boyfriend I had taken care of something financially-related, and followed it with, "Aren't you proud of me?!"

It's the same question I asked when I mentioned last week that I hadn't had a breakdown over exams yet: "A whole week and I haven't had a breakdown yet! Aren't you proud of me?!"

So a male friend of mine asked, "Why do girls always ask if we're proud of them? Why do they want us to be proud of them?"

I had to think about it for a few minutes. I think, I just want to do things that make him happy. Not things that stunt my growth as a human and a girlfriend. Habits are hard to change, so when we do something new for someone else, it's a big deal!

There are many things that I'd rather just "sweep under the rug" than deal with, so it's an accomplishment when I actually deal with it. I haven't freaked out majorly over exams in over a week! That's HUGE for me.

I remember the first exam period we were together, my boyfriend actually had to give me glycine to me calm down from a panic attack. He mixed it in my water bottle, sat me down at a table with soup and told me to study while drinking my glycine water.

In fact, I've only had one real breakdown this week and it had nothing to do with exams... just with what I call "Fragile XX syndrome." (not to be confused with Fragile X syndrome: a genetic disorder affecting the mental status and social behaviour of males).

Fragile XX syndrome, also known as "Fragile lady"... aka "Girlfriend PMS".

Symptoms include: moments of emotional instability, bouts of uncontrollable crying, difficulty making decisions without getting upset, fatigue, snapping at boyfriends for no apparent reason, making arguments that make no sense whatsoever to anyone except the patient.

Naturopathic treatment: hugs, cuddles, chocolate, wine (of the red variety), smiles. The patient must be reassured that everything will be okay and that although she is acting crazy (don't use these words though, because it will make her condition worse), that you still love and care about her and that it's okay to get upset sometimes. Most importantly, although she is very independent, she will also appreciate being taken care of. Oh, and don't forget to feed her!

Supplement with puppy hugs, teddy bears, twilight turtle light therapy, Melissa tea, Himalayan salt rock therapy, back rubs and kisses.

Contraindications to treatment: yelling, driving in traffic, disagreements, schedules, appointments, people in public and low blood sugar.

Here's hoping that this last week goes well!