Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cry just a little...

Sometimes a girl just has to cry, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's actually pretty healthy. No sense in bottling up all of those raw emotions... I'd rather get them out than have them circulating inside of me causing river of liquid hot magma so destructive that I eventually explode like Mount Vesuvius. Yup, it's just like that.

I've come to terms with the fact that bottling up my emotions turns into self-destruction. So I have my "bottle-opening" mechanisms:

1) Crying in the shower: Sometimes when I just feel the urge to cry (with or without reason), the best place to go is the shower. I've talked to a few of my fellow lady friends who also do this on occasion, so it's nice to know I'm not alone in the "Weird and Neurotic" department.

The sound of the running water is loud enough to drown out (haha, no pun intended) the sound and you can cry as loud or as softly as you want. Plus it's so comforting to have hot water raining down on you, keeping you warm.

You don't have to worry about your makeup running or tears getting on your clothes because you're in the shower and it all washes right off. And then you walk out of the shower feeling "cleansed". Tears are gone, emotions are out and you're all squeaky clean.

2) Crying from acupuncture: Okay this one isn't as great as the shower because you're not at home... you're in an office, which is a public setting. I usually leave the treatment room with mascara streaks across my face, tears in my ears. Walking up to reception after the appointment, my eyes are all red and puffy, my hair is matted, I'm sniffly and everyone knows it.

It's one of those moments where I'm not always prepared to cry, it just happens. There are only a few select points that when needled make me cry with no warning. It overwhelms me and I can't control it. So for a few seconds I'm cursing my intern for using such a sensitive acu point and making me cry in the office. But after the needle insertion, when I'm breathing through it, I realize that this has been building up inside me, and my body just knows that it has to be released.

It's like when I take my 5-minute break from the world (which does not include YouTube), put my feet up and check in with myself, so that I don't overstress myself. So I guess sometimes, with acupuncture, my body just shows me what I need; And that, my fox friends, is a good cry.

We don't have to be so brave all the time. Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves and tell the world to just hold their horses while we figure that out. If you're the type of person to stay cool, calm and composed in moments of great stress, make sure to give yourself that time to let it all go at the end of the day. Cry just a little... you'll feel better afterwards.