Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's a Catch 2.0

Evolution is a funny thing. I don't mean in a Darwin sort of way - but in a human-development way. Because of technology and human advances, we've solved many problems of our past, but we make all new problems. We think technology makes life easier, but does it? Really, I think it just makes life busier and faster... which is a good thing?

I'm currently trying to read Mitch Albom's The Time Keeper. And I say "trying" because, ironically, not having enough time is keeping me from finishing it.

We invented the concept of time; Of making calendars, of measuring out the days by sunrises and sunsets, and breaking them up into hours, and minutes and seconds. Because of technology, everything in our world is "instant" and we can technically fit more into a day.

Remember the days of snail mail? I actually used to write letters to friends and send them in an envelope with a real stamp and put it in a physical mailbox. It would take about a week to get a reply. But now we text each other and can communicate instantly.

I wanted to talk about it because it's such a huge source of anxiety and stress in our world. But how can we deal with it? How do we solve this problem? People (including myself) always say there is never enough time!

If we create more space in our day by being able to accomplish more in that time via technology, isn't there just more stress put on us to get more done and be MORE productive? It's a Catch 22... or a catch 2.0? I can submit assignments without actually having to be present in class. I can arrange my weekend plans with just a few taps on my iPhone. With the physical barriers gone, there's more pressure to get things done in a day.

Would it be terrible if we all just slowed down?!

It's funny that nowadays we get "mental health days" from work. We actually need to force ourselves to take time off, but how many of us actually do that? And really, would one day every 6-8 months make a difference? Who can afford to take more time off of work? We need to make money, we need to have society running, and we need to keep the economy going (I'm guessing... I really have no idea what's going on with the economy... Seriously, there could be a room full of monkeys sitting at desks crunching numbers on Casio calculators just making shit up for all I know.)

Side note: on the mention of monkeys, I'm pretty sure that's how our government is run. Everything seems so backwards to me. I'm going to be an ND in less than 2 years, helping to heal people rather than medicate and sedate them, thereby alleviating the stress on our health care system and yet the banks and the government insist on just taking all my money instead of helping me grow... and they're using my money to pay for other peoples bad health choices (due to lack of education... which is where NDs come in).

How f&@%ed up is that??? Some days I truly feel like I can take on the world and help make it a better place, but other times I'm so overwhelmed with how far we've come in screwing up our society.

How do we weight out the benefits of what we have and what technology allows us to do, with the risks of creating more stress and anxiety (among other health problems) from the society we've created?