Monday, March 18, 2013

Growing Up as a Girl

The 2nd edition of my book was just approved and is now up with it's ISBN all published and up on the internets.

If you haven't seen in on my website or on, I've written 2 books that were published online; one of them being "Growing Up as a Girl."

Through my teenage years, I was raised by my dad. And really, it wasn't an easy job since he was raising both me and my sister from the ages of 12-18. So I couldn't always go to him with all my "girl" problems. He really tried his best, and I give him full credit for it, but at the same time, sometimes you just need to talk to an older (and more experienced) woman.

That became my reason for writing this book. I'm sure there are young girls out there who feel awkward talking to their big sisters or moms, or maybe they don't have that figure in their life. So I wrote a true-to-life book with my own experiences (and embarrassing stories) from high school so that someone could either learn from it, or laugh at it.

Here is a list of the chapters from the 2nd edition:

Mean girls
Self-esteem, body image and breasts
How to: Shave your legs, dye your hair, etc.
Bra fitting
Tattoos and piercings
Getting your period
Birth Control
Getting your first PAP test
Drugs and Alcohol
Eating right and exercise
Getting your driver's license
Picking classes in high school and undergrad
Internet privacy
How to deal with your parents
And a just for fun section on Must-see movies!

I want to encourage and empower future generations of women, and this is my stepping stone. It's basically a reflection on my high school diary... things that I know now that I wish I knew back then.

I completely understand that today's teen girls are a bit different from when I was in school, but really, other than the whole "cell phone" revolution, we still deal with the same situations. I mean, I'm sure Degrassi uses some of the same story lines/concepts from the 80's and 90s as they do today.

If I've peaked your interest at all, you can find a free excerpt on the ebook website by clicking here (there's a link to the PDF on this page).
Keep in mind that my books are based my own experiences and opinions; and apart from my Guide to being Gluten Free, I haven't included any references, except for a few website addresses. It was basically a fun project of mine; wanting to share my crazy teenage thoughts.