Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 10 Words of Wisdomosity by Sarie

I feel like there is a trend right now to write very philosophical quotes on facebook. Like my friends have this new deep intuition about the universe and how to create happiness in life.... or they just copy and re-post each others' facebook posts.

It's kinda funny seeing as how most of the people I run into are usually tired, stressed, broke.

The CCNM student is pretty ironic. I mean, we advocate healthy living and spiritual understanding - the whole mind-body connection and we all want positivity in our lives. Yet here I am, with 3 exams this week, a paper due on Monday, a group assignment due next week, and I might be taking another course over the weekend... freaking out because there's never enough time, and stressing about wanting to balance healthy living with studying and paper-writing. Gah!

So in my typical way of procrastinating (because my pediatrics notes just look so unappealing right now), here I present "Words of Wisdomosity, by Sarie":
Prepare yourself for the deep and philosophical nature of the procrastinating student

1) If you want to be happy, just smile. Angry people don't smile... unless they're being sarcastic.

2) Life is a circle. Everything you put into it will come back to you. It's the law of circumference. If it wasn't a perfect circle, it would be an oval ... or an elliptical. I don't think life is an elliptical... At least not according to The Lion King

3) Rainbows, sunshine and kittens. ... and usually Morgan Freeman. That is all.

4) If the road ahead seems stormy ... well, it's probably because there is a storm up ahead. You have two choices: Go inside or Put on your gouaches and your raincoat and stand in the rain. Or I suppose you could get into your car and drive away... but that's counter productive unless you actually need to go somewhere.

5) Although I do believe that the universe guides us through our lives, "Destiny" is nothing but a really bad stripper name.

6) Just because a person is incredibly strong, doesn't mean they're not sensitive. I'm sure George St. Pierre is just like a little teddy bear inside. If you ever get to see him, you should give him a hug. The same goes for grizzly bears (no, I'm kidding about this one. Please don't hug a grizzly bear. You will get eaten.)

7) Relationships are like spider webs. They can be intricate, strong, and beautiful, but can be taken down overnight. That's all I got for that one.

8) Humans are like sea turtles ... except we're really not. The sea turtle can navigate entire oceans without Google maps and GPS. I got lost yesterday getting off the DVP at Bloor/Bayview. Seriously, that shit is so confusing. There are like 10 different ramps going in all different directions. It's like London's underground except you're in your car with no engineer... oh, and my GPS couldn't keep up. Thanks Google. Oh I guess my point is - You know the world is the amazing and incredible place when sea turtles can navigate better than a satellite system over Toronto.

9) Get some sleep. The world is a better place when people aren't grumpy and irritated.

10) Bad things don't just happen to you, they happen to everyone. You're not special in that fact... but I guess you're special in every other way because that's how the universe and our experiences shape us. And Darwin... I'm sure he had a hand in all of this... all of those damn finches. I swear something weird happened on that island that day. Maybe it had to do with dinosaurs... I really wish I could see a real dinosaur.

Bonus (because life is also filled with bonuses): Life is mysterious. But who doesn't like a good mystery?