Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby, I've got moves you've never seen...

Lately, I've been feeling like I could just Scorpion all day long. Lift my leg up, twist over, fall into a perfect position, then pull under and do it all over again. Let me explain... I'm talking about moving my body in the most fun and creative way: Like an Animal.

A friend of mine posted a video of Ido Portal on my Facebook page (which I've inserted below) and there was an immediate attraction. It wasn't to Ido himself, but what he was doing. After watching the video all I wanted to do was move. I wanted to move my body just like him. It was as if I had punished my body for so long and this was going to free it. And that statement is a pretty harsh reality seeing as how I do an hour of weight aerobics 4-5 days per week; sometimes looking very similar to Eric Prydz's "Call on me" video - minus the sultry faces and thongs.

I pride myself on activating all muscle groups in a workout... but sadly I was proven wrong. 

I mastered the Beast, practiced my Crab walking, and fell in love with Scorpion. It's just so much fun! You only need to move around for a few minutes before you start to feel it. After 5 minutes, your heart is racing, and after 10 minutes I feel like I've done a workout. The best part: even after I was done, I craved to do it again another day.

The reason being is that I've actually worked out muscles that I don't regularly engage. It was so uplifting and sooo bubbly-making! Here's a preview but don't be discouraged by the first 20 seconds, when you break down each animal move, you realize that you can do this anywhere that you have space. I mean, I even do it for a few minutes in my kitchen while I'm waiting for dinner to cook. 


There's something about moving your body around that is just so rewarding. I never knew such a workout existed or that it would be so effective. But the best part is that it doesn't even have to be a workout! Seriously, just give your body a reward every so often and do a couple moves when you can. Like when you're really stiff from sitting on the couch or at your desk for long periods of time. 

"Fitness is a small, small, small world within the universe of movement... a polluted world" - Ido Portal

I'm getting a little tired of fitness gimmicks that trick people into thinking they are a magical solution to losing weight and getting fit. Yes, a healthy diet and exercise will make you feel better and look better, and I would be happy if more people would do anything that was active. But the take home point is not to have unrealistic goals. Just move.  Move and have control over those movements. Move and you will feel amazing.

"If you cannot move your body and control it ... then what business do you have moving other objects outside of yourself?" - Ido Portal.

Ido Portal on Paleo Diet and Movement

Personally, I just go onto YouTube and search Animal Flow for videos and copy what they do, but if you're interested in looking further into the official program, check out this link:

The other reason why I'm so in love with Animal Flow is simply because it is controlled movement and we forget about that when we're working out. The goal is not to do something as quickly as possible to get through the routine; it's to go slow and have control over your body. If you're lifting weights, lift with control and purpose. Don't let gravity or your weights take control of you, you need to control them. For example, if you're doing a bicep curl, you should be the one to tell that weight when it can be lowered and at what rate, don't let gravity move you.

You also don't want to use weights that are too heavy for you. The third part of why Animal Flow is incredible - YOU DON'T NEED ANY EQUIPMENT OTHER THAN YOUR BODY! Talk about a cost-effective workout!

Now go move!