Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Recipe Book Review: Paleo Slow Cooking

I've been considering going back to being 100% paleo for a little while now, and to get myself back into it, I bought a new cookbook. My dad bought me a slow-cooker for Christmas and I've been putting it to good use! I was really hoping this book would give me new "slow-cooking" inspiration.

I'm also very serious about cookbooks and recipes, so I'm going through this book and am giving my honest feedback. Checkout my website www.thehealthyfox.ca for my already approved cookbook list, and we'll see if this one makes the cut.

The book is Paleo Slow Cooking by Chrissy Gower. I've already tried a few recipes, with mixed results, but I can't judge a book based on only a handful of recipes. So tomorrow I'll be heading to McMaster's Meats in Georgetown to stock up on some free range chicken, grass-fed beef and gluten-free sausage and trying out 3-4 more recipes.

This book has been really hit-or-miss so far. The apple almond cereal was one of the worst things I've ever made. But I've never been a fan of cream-of-wheat (which is what the author compares it to) to begin with. Who would have thought?! You have apples, honey, almond flour, blueberries... it sounds delicious! Unfortunately, when you put it into a slow cooker for 6 hours, it comes out as slop that has burnt a nice layer of black sugar right onto the stoneware and tastes so bland that not even the berries could make it taste better. I ended up throwing the entire thing in the trash which is heartbreaking! I hate wasting food!

I also tried the Hot and Sour soup - you'll notice I have my mom's recipe listed on my website - so I thought that by having the chicken cooked slowly would just make this soup melt in your mouth. Again, I stand corrected. There was just way too much chicken for this recipe and not nearly enough chicken broth for it to be a soup. It turned out to be chicken mush. Like soggy shredded chicken. It was also severely lacking in the chili-garlic department.

But I have to give Chrissy credit, the Spaghetti Meat Sauce was amazing!

It's just unfortunate that many of her recipes contain spice mixes from Penzeys - a product that's not carried in Canada (to my knowledge) and there are sticky rules to having it shipped here. So I have to improvise.

My goal for the next week is to make these recipes (which depends on what's available from my butcher tomorrow):

Jalapeno Sausage Hash - a breakfast dish made with sweet potatoes
Chipotle Chicken Stew
Minestrone Soup - we'll see how this one stacks up to my recipe (keeping in mind that my original recipe isn't quite Paleo)
Orange Maple Glazed Pork Chops

Backup recipes to try:
Slow Cooked Ham
Fire-Roasted Pork Loin

I'll be posting my completed review next week! Wish me luck in these new kitchen adventures!