Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Upside of Valentine's Day

Okay, I know that we all think that Valentine's day is an over-commercialized holiday that Hallmark invented. And others usually rant because they hate the idea of a set holiday as a reminder to tell someone you love them. But I love Valentine's day, even though they weren't all the greatest.

As a kid I loved decorating paper bags with doily paper and sparkles, I loved the little chocolates. Even my mom would give us a little present or heart-patterned sweaters.

For some reason though, so many people are so distraught and angry at this holiday.

I don't need a special day for my boyfriend to tell me how he feels about me, but it is pretty nice. Like "Terrific Lady Day". It's a fantastic excuse to not think about studying or doing assignments and go out and have fun on a date.

I find that Toronto is a very angry city. People are always so pissed off about something. They honk their horn because they're always so impatient, people on the TTC are always miserable, and parking ticket officers are just itching catch you within 30 seconds of your parking expiry time. Our whole society is so caught up in its full-stress environment that we need a few "fun" days - romantic days, even.

I think it's amazing that for one day, I'm reminded that there is love all around; And for that one day the world isn't a terrible place. People actually care about each other.

So if you want to be negative about February 14th, then you are free to, but keep it to yourself. Everyone else just wants to be happy today, so just let us.

Even if you're not madly in love, enjoy today and what it represents: love in the world.