Friday, September 13, 2013

Making changes part 3 - Say Yes to Love

In saying yes to love, I'm referring to love in all respects:

1) Love yourself,
2) Accept love from others, and
3) Fall in love with the universe

The first two are probably the hardest. Loving yourself goes hand-in-hand with finding joy in your life and wanting to take care of yourself. If you're having a difficult time with this one it's probably time to look a little deeper.

I read an interesting article on how childhood experiences and traumas can lead to chronic illness. This might bring up a lot for you, but if you can't find a way to love yourself, then that marks a great opportunity to talk to someone (a friend or family member and especially a health care professional, such as naturopathic doctor/intern). Discussing any issues with someone on the "outside" is a great way to get a different perspective and to find the barriers that are preventing you from loving and growing.

Being able to accept love from others also falls under this category. Like a protective wall that isolates you, the guard is up and maybe it's time to explore just what that wall is actually doing for you. Ask what you are protecting yourself from. What feelings come up? Again, this is all best to talk through with a professional who can guide you through this journey.

How amazing is it that these lions are spooning?!

Keep in mind that this isn't magic and that changes take time, but I commend anyone who goes out and seeks help - even if it's just to talk things out. I've been lucky enough in my life to have that support system through my own naturopathic interns at the college as well as from our amazing student counselor. I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy had I not had an outlet to get my thoughts and feelings out.

Fall in love with the universe:
I hate Toronto. I can't wait until the day that I can get out of this city. Away from the GTA, away from the 401 highway... I just can't stand big city life. But all of that aside, if someone were to drape a blanket over the whole city... if all the lights were extinguished and the sounds were silenced, you'd be left with a section of the planet, and you'd be able to see the sky and space above you.

Every so often, take a moment to appreciate our world. Seriously be grateful for all that we have. Be thankful for the stars, for the moon, for the way the sky lights up in pinks and purples while the sun sets. Be thankful for great bodies of freshwater. Appreciate all of the species that live in that water and for the circle of life that keeps all of those species procreating over decades. Fall in love with fresh farmed vegetables and appreciate farmers who properly take care of their animals, letting them graze in pasture and who decline to inject them with growth hormones and other fake atrocities.

Lastly, let me leave you with this: It's funny how we always turn to talking about the weather. It's a classic small-talk conversation, but maybe that's a reason for it. How amazing is it that our weather can be different every single day and we really don't have any control over it (not including global warming, but just in general). There's no button you can press that can stop the wind from blowing, or a rope you can pull to make the sun "stay in the sky" longer. If it starts raining... you're screwed. Or maybe you'll take a moment to have that perfect kiss in the rain.

The world is always better when it is filled with love and appreciation.