Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The power of the puppy in healthcare

Puppies make everything better. Although this started as a joke on Scrubs, I've come to realize that it's true: I believe you can cure people with a box full of puppies.

My boyfriends parents picked up their new puppy yesterday and she's the cutest and most cuddly puppy. The playfulness is infectious. The fluffiness of her fur makes her the best cuddler, and she's part poodle so she can hug your arm with her paws.

A puppy who gives hugs... I'm not making this stuff up.
Sadie the puppy

So where does this all fit in our healthcare system? I've heard of people having dogs in hospitals to keep them company, and that it actually helps in their recovery. I don't know the science behind it, so let's work it out:

How puppies may cure people: The power of the puppy

1) Although they are much like babies or small children, they make excellent companions. I think my least favourite place in the whole world is a hospital. I hate the smell of hospitals; it's lonely. The rooms are bare except for the machines and wires. Having a furry companion would make the experience much more tolerable.

2) Although they are like small children, they can't talk back to you... or ask you a million questions. Yes, they may whine or bark in the night, but hang around a 3 year old for a day and tell me you're not sick and tired of coming up with answers to the question: "Why?"

3) Dogs are loyal in general. Have a dog hang around you for a bit. Then let them go play. The puppy, although curious, will always come back to you and will protect you. This is unlike cats who strut around like they own the place and will cuddle-cheat on you with other patients in the hospital.

4) Continuing with how protective dogs are, dogs will most likely save babies and children from any harm. They're smart like that. You must never let a cat go near the section of the hospital with small children or new babies. They will suffocate them by sitting on their heads, because that's what cats do.

5) Being around a cute fluffy puppy is infectiously bubbly. Seriously, try being in a bad mood around a puppy. They will detect the negativity and then give you puppy kisses until you laugh.

6) They are so happy to see you when you come home! (or when you wake up in the morning). Imagine having a "Welcome Home!" party every time you walk through your front door. Your loyal dog is waiting for you and shows his or her puppy excitement.

7) Puppies are warm. Not that you really need it during this heat wave; but if you're stuck with the air conditioning cranked up and are bundled under blankets to protect yourself from the unnatural frigid air, a puppy will sit on your lap and it's fluffy fur will keep you warm.

So really, I can't see the downside to having puppies be incorporated into our healthcare system. Just make sure to listen to Bob Barker when he says to have your pets spayed or neutered.