Monday, June 3, 2013

The island of misfit toys

I've been away for a while, but I blame it on life. It gets in the way of everything. I've had to move out of my townhouse into a new place, which wasn't quite ready for new people, so most of my stuff is stored in a garage and shoved up against the walls of the living room and kitchen.

Looking at my thighs/legs, you could easily mistake me for a leopard with all the bruises I have from moving furniture. And I swear you could actually see the clouds of pollen in the air around the trailer that we were loading up. I'm pretty sure my white lounge chair has turned a weird shade of yellow from being coated in tree pollen. I believe it's also partially responsible for me getting sick for 36 hours (the pollen, not the chair).

Then I had to help a friend move after clinic one day and I didn't have any non-clinic clothes, so she gave me a pair of her shorts to wear with my dress shoes - And honestly, I felt like a wizard in Muggle clothing. It was ridiculous and comfortable (because it was sooo hot outside and shorts are nice and breezy), but with dress shoes, white Adidas shorts and the undershirt I had on under my blouse, I had an Arthur Weasley moment and could not stop giggling on the inside.

So all in all, it's been a ridiculous week, especially since the LA Kings have been wetting the bed for the past two games... and I wouldn't normally care about mundane things like a hockey game, except for the fact that I made a real come back in Round 2 of my hockey pool, and winning $100 (or even just my $10 entrance fee back) would really make me so happy that I would probably cry... and try to build my own Stanley Cup in memory of this occasion. Except I would have to call it the Sarah Cup.... and fill it with wine. - If I win, I promise to do this and send you all the photographic evidence. I love arts and crafts.

But the point of today's post is simply: Does anyone else ever feel like they should be cast away with people like me on an island of misfit toys?

Sometimes I feel like the most un-normal person in the world. I guess that's a good thing. I would hate to be just like everyone else. I like being quirky and different. Wearing leg warmers in the winter; cranking up the volume when I hear a George Michael or Wham song in the car; going from normal to floupy in 0.2 seconds. I'm the girl who asks for honey and almond milk in her coffee... and because of which, always gets really weird looks at Starbucks. I wear slippers in the summer, and I make sad kitten noises when I'm sad or upset about something - true story.

When I think about it, why would anyone want to be normal when it's so much fun to be different?

Seriously. I mean, I'm totally on board with work dress codes and acting appropriately in the workplace. And I know I should be representing my profession outside of school/clinic, but I can't change who I am. A school advisor told me that my website is great but I had to get rid of my stories and my Arbonne stuff and make it more about the profession and the school. I just couldn't bear to argue with her, but there's no way I'd change it. Same with this blog.

Many classmates of mine have incredible blogs that cover more naturopathic topics, but really, I need to keep my sanity and writing is my avenue. I still hope to finish some of the fictional novels I've started, but until then, pouring my heart out on the internet to dozens of countries is the best thing I have. So I might not be the greatest businessy person, but I'm a happy kitten on the Island of Misfit toys, and I'd much rather just be myself than hide all of my fun quirks and creativity.

I also recommend dressing up like a wizard in Muggle clothing. And then go out in public.