Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting through sluggish days

We all have those days where you don't feel like doing anything at all. You're already tired, or are maybe just lacking in motivation. With the wacky changes in weather this week, I'm feeling it in full force.

My options were to either A) move somewhere where it is sunny and blue skies all the time. I'm pretty sure this is a decent solution that would absolutely work if I could actually make it happen. Externship in California perhaps?
or B) Kick my my own butt to do something that will make me feel better while I'm stuck in humid, cloudy, rainy, disgustingly sticky Toronto.

So I decided to kick my butt and make myself workout. This is usually preceded by a small cup of coffee made with dark chocolate almond milk - I'm not even kidding on how delicious this is. So after that joyous cup of deliciousness I had the "self-talk". I have mental check-ins and give myself a pep talk.

What I tell myself is: It doesn't matter how much you put into today's workout. Take it easy. Don't worry about how much weight you're lifting. You don't have to lunge or squat as much as you normally do. Instead of your usual 90%, maybe only give 40-50% today. And that's fine, as long as you finish the workout.

So I get through the sluggish days by forcing myself to workout, but by lowering my expectations of the workout. If I go into a workout knowing that I can take it easy this time, my endurance is so much better - even with the fatigue. Of course, what I also recommend is having time to rest before and after exercise so that you don't deplete yourself any further. Take breaks, eat protein and fruit, drink lots of water. Replenish yourself.

But moving around for those 40 minutes and doing nice slow stretches after really helped to recharge my batteries and make sure I keep active even when not feeling the greatest. And my mood was improved dramatically.

This won't work for everyone (especially those with chronic fatigue or FM/ME), but for those of us who need less recovery time and really just need some extra motivation to keep going, give yourself a friendly kick in the butt when you know you need it.